Let's Do This

Today I feel as though I am standing at the edge of the cliff, eyes squeezed shut with my hands clenched tightly by my side. It’s the next step on this wild ride of life.

There are so many unknowns…What if I hit the water too hard? Or don’t land right? Will I sink or swim? Better yet, how did I get here…

A few years ago I was asked to speak at a women’s conference. In no way did I feel qualified to tackle such a task, but after lots of prayer and discussion I went for it. I told God that if he was asking me to do this, he was going to have to show up in a BIG way! I told myself that if I didn’t cuss or fall off the stage, it would be a success.

I spent the weekend chatting with the women, sharing my life in hopes that they may glean a nugget of truth from my struggles to take into battles of their own. I returned home refreshed and full of compassion for women.

Since then, I’ve had conversations with hundreds of you, and one thing I’ve learned is that we are drawn to authenticity. There’s something freeing about leaving it un-tucked. Who the heck decided we have to have it all together to be deemed good, worthy of love, invited? 

Ah yes, that’s why I am taking this dive!

It’s time to peel back the layers and find out what we are made of, and more importantly what we were made for. Armed with our unique life experiences and gifting we can make this world a better, more loving place. Let’s do this!

Melissa BellComment