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Christian sign holders and finger pointers: Whose side are you on anyway?

It all started with a phone call to a friend. This friend and I have helped each other through a lot of junk, each taking turns being the needy one, and it was my turn. She can usually hear it in my voice before I have to explain myself. I imagine her on the other end pouring a cup of coffee and kicking up her feet, because she knows it will be a long haul.

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Dear Mom

It’s been three years since your passing. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. On occasion, I pick up the phone to call you and hear your voice while I am bustling around the house. We spent endless hours chatting while I was cleaning the house. You loved a clean house and instilled that in all of us.

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Your life is just a dash in time. How will you leave a legacy?

I’ve attended more funerals than I care to remember, each one painful but different. I once attended the service of a homeless man named Roger who was dear to our church. As with most services, the pastor gave those in attendance a chance to say a few words about him. I remember sitting there thinking how awkward this was going to be. I have been to funerals where no one wanted to speak—how could anyone have anything to say about a homeless man?

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