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Christian sign holders and finger pointers: Whose side are you on anyway?

It all started with a phone call to a friend. This friend and I have helped each other through a lot of junk, each taking turns being the needy one, and it was my turn. She can usually hear it in my voice before I have to explain myself. I imagine her on the other end pouring a cup of coffee and kicking up her feet, because she knows it will be a long haul.

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Confessions of a self-centered, judgmental hypocrite

We’ve all been "lucky" enough to encounter one...the girl who knows she has it all together. Not only does she have it all together, she's going to help you get yourself together. She has an endless supply of unwanted advice on dating, parenting, and life choices. If she isn't comfortable enough to share her knowledge with you, she will certainly have no qualms about sharing it with your circle of friends…snide remarks and dirty looks included.

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