Mother's Day: Praying for Peace

As the day fast approaches, I find myself on an emotional rollercoaster. And the articles I have stumbled upon have kept the topic at the forefront of my mind. I enjoyed celebrating as a child, but as I grew older I began to loathe Mother’s Day. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find a card that read: “Thank you for abandoning us as children. Without you, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to foot the bill for my counselor’s beach house!” Turns out, I am not alone.

For many, this holiday is a day of pain. There are women who desperately want children and cannot conceive or carry a child full term. Women who have buried a child, or have been abandoned by their children. Some who selflessly gave a child up for adoption many moons ago, and others who have lost in the process of adoption. For each of these women, I am sure there is a child who feels lost, abandoned, and hopeless on this day, because of the absence of a mother in his or her life.

For each and every one of you women like me, I pray for a day of peace, and that you may find comfort, no matter your circumstances.



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