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Your life is just a dash in time. How will you leave a legacy?

I’ve attended more funerals than I care to remember, each one painful but different. I once attended the service of a homeless man named Roger who was dear to our church. As with most services, the pastor gave those in attendance a chance to say a few words about him. I remember sitting there thinking how awkward this was going to be. I have been to funerals where no one wanted to speak—how could anyone have anything to say about a homeless man?

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World on a String?

With a gas can in one hand and a lit match in the other I left my hometown eight years ago and never looked back. For thirty three years I lived in the same county and there was a bad memory on every corner. I left in the wee hours of the morning and cried for the first 100 miles then I cranked up my radio and drove until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I traveled alone on the road to a new start in North Carolina, just a shell of a person hanging on by a thread.

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The 21 Day Godly Wife Challenge: Are you in?

The “S” word. We’ve all heard it and most likely cringed at the mere thought of it. I once received a book on the “S” word--it took me years to forgive the person who gifted it to me. After all, we are independent women who have fought hard for equality--why on earth would we go backward? Well, what if I told you the “S” word could make your marriage dreamy and your sex life steamy? I, the skeptic, have seen first-hand how it can change your marriage!

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